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Jonathan Leger About His Products

Jonathan Leger is famous for the work he has done in developing internet marketing products that are searched for daily on the web. He is an internet marketer, product creator, and software programmer. At an early age of 14, he was able to produce commercial software. He spent 10 years of his life in the corporate world working as a software developer. In 2004, Jon began earning money fulltime selling his highly sought after products.  In the past 5 years, Jonathan has had sales of $17,000,000 for his software and services.

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Some of the internet marketing products that made Jonathan Leger famous include 3WayLinks.net, 1WayLinks.net, Instant Article Wizard & Instant Article Wizard Pro, The Best Spinner, Article Builder, WebComp Analyst, Thrifty Content, and his newest traffic generating software Social Multiplier 2, among many others. He has his own personal blog, which aims to help other internet marketers in achieving their goals in affiliate marketing. In his blog, he gives tips and advice on how to utilize various internet marketing strategies, search engine optimization, and publishing via Google AdSense. The primary goal of Jonathan Leger is to come up with products and services that will be beneficial to people, especially in helping others make a full time living through the internet. The internet products mentioned above are just some of the intellectual outputs of Jonathan. He dedicates his life to continually working on something new; something that would benefit not only him as well as his fellow internet marketers.

Learn from Jon (Coaching)

Learn from Jon is a program, which aims to help internet marketers in their online business. Jonathan Leger designed this program and it offers great internet marketing tools to help marketers generate more income. With the amount of income you will get online, you will be enticed to quit your traditional job. You can work anywhere and anytime. You will have the financial freedom that you always wanted. Learn from Jon not only offers online business coaching but as well as free tools and bonuses including Instant Face Traffic. This free tool enables you to generate targeted web traffic.

Social Multiplier 2

If you want push button traffic from Pinterest than this new product by Jonathan Leger, Social Multiplier 2, will help you achieve this.  With this Pinterest traffic generating software, you can grow a huge audience in Pinterest and post 100’s of pins automatically.  You do not need Google to generate traffic. Social Multiplier 2 can be your traffic generating and revenue generating tool for creating auto-pilot income.

Article Builder

Article Builder is the name you can trust when it comes to creating unique articles in more than a hundred niches. It guarantees up to 75% unique contents with just a few clicks. Aside from creating contents, you also have the freedom to add blogs and set it on autopilot. The relevant content of your blog will be posted every single day as you wish so. Aside from that, you can also automatically insert images, videos, as well as linking your ClickBank affiliate links to random. You can also update your old content by inserting unique words, phrases, and sentences. The Article Builder improves your overall user experience.

The Best Spinner

The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger is tagged as the best article spinner in the market. The Best Spinner (TBS) features a user-generated English Thesaurus. It is also available in other languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, and the likes. Through TBS, you will be able to spin numerous versions of articles in many different ways in just a few clicks. What you need to do is to load up your article, add spin syntax, and begin adding word, phrase, or sentence variations. After adding your preferred variations, then next thing to do is to click the designated button and watch The Best Spinner generates as many article variations you need.

Instant Article Wizard

Instant Article Wizard selects snippets of high-quality content from the authoritative website using any keywords you input into it. It will take those snippets to create a single unique article. With the help of other tools like The Best Spinner, Instant Article Wizard will identify all relevant keywords and phrases in the new article. In other words, you will be able to create a new article as well as multiple unique versions of that particular article. Aside from that, you also have the option to rearrange the order of sentences and paragraphs in just a few clicks. You can check the uniqueness of the article through plagiarism software before posting the article to your blog. With Instant Article Wizard, you can create your very own unique and relevant article without research or writing.

Keyword Canine

Keyword Canine is not your ordinary keyword finder tools. Keyword Canine does terrific things for your online business. It does in-depth keyword research, analyzes market competition, discovers niches, link building, backlinking, and brainstorming. It does all the work for you thereby helping you save time as well as money. All necessary updates will take effect instantly because it is a web-based program. What’s even amazing is that the updates can be availed free of charge. Keyword Canine keyword analyzer supports more than 200 countries across the globe. The niche finder is available in French, German, US, and UK niches. Keyword Canine (KC) is the ultimate niche and keyword finder.


Niche Jet is an internet marketing service that helps you build a niche website and eventually help you generate money with 100 search engine optimized articles. This internet marketing program helps you build automated SEO niche site at a very affordable price. All the keyword research will be given to you and all you need to do is to choose keyword phrases and presto. With NicheJet by Jonathan Leger, you will be able to find a profitable niche, research keyword, purchase a website domain, get a website hosting, build your very own niche site, plus 100 days of unique high-quality content added automatically on your site. On top of that, you will also enjoy an SEO backlinking campaign and let your site rank in Google. NicheJet automates the process for you.

NicheJet Authority Sites

NicheJet Authority Site is a service created by Jonathan Leger, which aims to help you come up with high-quality websites and make you an authority in an instant. Among the advantages you will get from this program include top notch WordPress site with 200% unique articles, thorough keyword research ensuring that every page has relevant and targeted keyword, integration of social media, on-site and on-page optimization, customized WordPress theme, a PDF that thoroughly helps you to get your website to the next level, your very own 2.0 Private web blog network, and a whole lot more. With NicheJet authority site, everything you need to rank your site is right on your fingertips.  Learn more about this great service by clicking this link – NicheJet Authority Sites


RankCrew is a manual link building program created by the legendary Jonathan Leger. It is a very famous program today, which is manned by a team of veterans from the internet marketing world. RankCrew utilizes modern and proven effective link building strategies thereby helping you obtain top 10 rankings in just a short period of time. Some of the link building services offered by RankCrew include bulk deposit bonuses, link building for new websites as well as established sites, link building for authority sites, submission of social bookmarking site, RSS feed submission, article directory submission, high PR Web 2.0 Links, among many others.

Keyword Snatcher

If you are an internet marketer and you want to get ahead of your competitors, then Keyword Snatcher is the right program for you. Through Keyword Snatcher, you will be able to generate keywords that target your focus markets. This internet marketing program uses valuable data from the search engine suggestions. It generates hundreds if not thousands of keywords search by people every single day. With this powerful web-based program, you will be able to discover untapped niches as well as keywords and key phrases related to the products and services you are offering. This valuable program only cost $45 and gives you lifetime access to the information about Keyword Snatcher.


Accurank Tracker is a program that guarantees 100% accurate rank tracking. It offers a variety of features, which are all useful for your internet marketing business. It helps utilize your system and provides you with accurate rankings. It features a multi-country support, which enables you to choose a country supported by top search engines. It also comes with full country based proxy support, which enables you to easily check the rankings of the country where you currently reside. It offers unlimited keywords and sites, which come with an easy and simply import functionality. On top of that, it also comes with event tracking and brandable reports, free updates, and no recurring fees.

Answer Analyst

Answer Analyst helps in the research of questions and at the same time create contents in an instant. With this internet marketing program, you will be able to virtually research questions in just a short period of time. The program tells you the questions to be asked for any virtual subjects. It enables you to save time from conducting research in projects. On top of that, you can research questions in different languages in different countries across the globe.

Answer Analyst is pretty fast. All you need to do is to key in the keywords and or phrases and you will be given a list of queries for you to use to gather more information. With that, you can come up with articles, which will help you generate more information about the products, reviews, and so on. Answer Analyst is for every internet marketer in the world.

Web Data Parser

Web Data Parser is a tool that enables you to extract data from any tables on web pages and automatically save them in any format you like such as TSV (databases), CSV (spreadsheets), and HTML table. This program will also help extract links as well as link text from any chosen sections of the page you selected. On top of that, you will also enjoy other features such as submitting forms automatically and extracting the needed data from the result pages, choosing the table columns you wish to export, saving the data filtering settings you have chosen and reuse them later on when needed, and to duplicate WDP filter records.

Instant Article Factory

Instant Article Factory is an internet marketing product that helps you save time when creating your articles. This is a must-have program because it helps you generate high-quality articles in less than five minutes. This internet marketing program comes with 17 built-in templates, which makes it really easy to come up with regardless of the subject of the articles. It offers unlimited levels of support, modifying the templates on your own, as well as filling in the blank fields. Instant Article Factory helps you save money because you don’t literally need to hire writers. It has a built-in template builder, which can be rewritten to make sure that the articles provided are unique and high quality.

Jiffy Articles

This is one of the newest programs created by Jonathan Leger. Jiffy Articles aims to help you save time and earn huge amount of money through internet marketing. What really is Jiffy Articles? It is an article helper service that provides templates thereby helping you write articles in just a short period of time. With Jiffy Articles, you can write a 500-word article in less than 10 minutes. There are more than four thousand templates to choose from and more templates will be added soon. If you can’t find the template you want for a particular niche, then you don’t need to worry because Jiffy Articles will make it easy for you. All you need to do is to send a topic request and presto!

Thrifty Content

Thrifty Content is one of the innovative creations of Jonathan Leger; a legendary internet marketer. This product is a PLR article delivery service, which delivers at least 1500 PLR articles a month for different niches. The articles generated will be used for link building and are guaranteed of high quality. Thrifty Content makes sure that the previous articles will not be available for members, which is actually good because it prevents articles from being overused. If you want to save the articles, then all you need to do is to download the articles for the current month. Thrifty Content helps you create as many articles as you want, which is really beneficial for your internet marketing business.